IFR Practice and Flight to Hood River

Ok first the IFR stuff. I got to the airport about 8:30a and we weren't going to meet up with the Hood River guys till 10. The weather looked perfect for some practice IFR so I filed and Darin and I went for it. We ended up doing 3 approaches and some holding. It was nice to get into the clouds again. Anyway here is a video of the first approach sped up 8 times.

Taking off for Hood River.

Here is Darin's friend Ben's RV-12. Really nice airplane! The only problem is it is slow relatively speaking. Yep we did 100kts the whole way instead of the usual 150kts that we like to cruise at. But hey we're flying and the longer it takes, the more flying we get. :)

The Gorge.

Here's a video of my landing at Hood River. It was pretty windy and that made for some bumps. I screwed up and put the wrong date on my YouTube video and I'm too lazy to change it.

We drove to a restaurant for lunch and went to the WAAAM Museum.

I'd heard of this museum before but had no idea how big it was. They have like 103 airplanes and 120 cars. Wow very cool!

A Link IFR trainer, these things are awesome.

Lots of glider operations here.