I knew today was going to be a little special because I'd be breaking the 500 hour mark as a pilot. Not a big deal to many cause there's all kinds of pilots with thousands of hours, but it's still pretty significant to me. So... I decided I'd fly to Van's Aircraft at Aurora Airport in Oregon, then to Troutdale where I learned to fly the RV.

After today's flight...

501.8 hours
800 landings

154.6 hours in the RV.

Started out broken about 2800ft but quickly turned to scattered while southbound.

Entering Hillsboro's airspace.

On the 45 for 35 at Aurora.

A very nice DC-3 getting ready to go.

First time ever at Van's Aircraft. Nobody home on a Sunday, just wanted to show my plane where she came from.

A pretty nice looking Yak departing.

Flying North East to Troutdale.

Tower had me enter on a left Base. I haven't been back here since I did my RV training. I didn't take any pictures on the ground cause I really had to pee. I'm so glad Gorge Winds Aviation was open.

Heading home.