Flew up around Mud Mountain Dam with Darin

After a lot of work last week I was able to wrap up my 4th annual on Sunday. (Can't believe it's my 4th, time flies.) Other than replacing an EGT sensor I didn't really have to buy anything extra which was nice. Spark plugs and tires are still looking good. Cleaned my air filter, fuel filter, cleaned and repacked all the wheel bearings, compression check, mag timing check, and inspected the other 4 pages of stuff. I'm always amazed how long it actually takes to pull everything apart to have a good look. That and it seems like I just did it. (like I said,time flies) Ok back to today...

The latest good news in the filling of Lake Tapps has to do with the Mud Mountain Dam. Recently the Corps of Engineers has had to stock pile water behind the dam while doing some maintenance projects. This is good for Lake Tapps as we should end up with most of the stock piled water.

Supposedly this is somewhere around 4 billion gallons.

I found this picture on the internet of what it looks like when the resevoir is empty. If you compare this pict to the next I'd say that the water has gotta be like 80ft deep.

They actually opened up the dam later this evening sometime. (You can see this graph I downloaded on the 10th that shows the level starting to go up.)

Anyway pretty interesting stuff. I understand we need like 10 billion gallons still so this definately won't fill it. The Corps is supposed to do this again at the end of June so maybe that should get us a lot closer.