Flew to Astoria today. I had hoped to fly there last weekend to meet my dad, but the weather and schedules did not cooperate. He rode his bicycle all the way up from California. Check it out here

Though I'd fly around Lake Tapps once before heading South.

St. Helens



Following I-5 Southbound to Kelso


Turning west over the Columbia

Astoria Airport. Centralia, Kelso, and Astoria were all pretty gusty today. Astoria was something like 300 at 18 gusting to 24. Doable, but really not worth it just to say I did.

Good timing on the shadow

Back over Kelso

Entering Olypia Airport's airspace

Learned some things today...

The RV makes pretty good time. I made it to Astoria, the long way in 50 minutes. Going direct would shave off quite a bit of time but it's pretty desolate out there. Flying over airports and I-5 seems like a better idea.

The RV is comfortable. 2.5 hours on the hobbs today without stopping anywhere and I stayed very comfortable.

The RV is Sunny. Stayed nice and cool at altitude, but I think I got pretty fried today. Even with a baseball cap, I'm thinking sunscreen is a must on days like today. :)