Flew IFR to Tacoma Narrows and Paine Field.

Today I wanted to fly up to Paine Field in Everett and see my friend Chad. I texted him once I got to the airport this morning but he said he wouldn't be to his hanger until about 11am. Since I had a little more time I decided to file an IFR flight plan to Tacoma Narrows and then Paine Field. That should make the timing work out about right.

Oh and this week I finally got my Gemini Autopilot that I ordered right after Chrismas. Yippee! It was easy to install because all the wiring and plumbing was exactly the same as the Vizion they had let me borrow. I took it for a test flight Friday evening and it worked great!

OK back to the plan. The later in the morning it got the clearer the weather became. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to find any clouds as it was buring off pretty quick. Once I recieved my clearance and took off I was pleased to see that around Tacoma Narrows was still pretty socked in.

Here is the video. Sorry it's so shakey... I need to find a better way to mount the GoPro so it can handle higher power settings.

After the approach at Tacoma Narrows ATC pretty much gave me vectors to RARYO. (One of the initial approach fixes for the GPS RWY 34L at Paine Field.) I did the procedure turn in the clear and hit just a few clouds on the final approach course. Nothing to exciting.

Here is the new autopilot at work during the procedure turn...

And here is the final approach...

Here's what it all looked like on FlightAware.

Great day of flying but unfortunately it's time to do my 4th annual. Hopefully it goes smooth and only takes me a week or so to complete.