Flew to Twisp with Darin and Chad

Wow today was just a perfect day for flying! Nice, clear, and light winds on both sides of the Cascades.

Darin and I headed up North to meet Chad somewhere over Monroe. Lake Tapps is sure looking nice.

Then we headed East over Stevens Pass.

The Cascades are a bit more hostile up here but they're really spectacular.

Lake Chelan

Pretty hilly around the Twisp airport. I'm guessing it gets a little challenging when the wind picks up.

Entering on Left Downwind for runway 28.

You can't enter on the 45 because this mountain is in the way.

I think I have a new favorite airport car! This thing is awesome!

We decided to eat at the Branding Iron Saloon.

Kind of what you'd expect at 10:40 in the morning, lots of locals showing up to start drinking.

On the way back we made a lower flight over Lake Chelan.

Wapato Point


Lake Entiat