IFR to Port Townsend

Today I filed COTNY JUVGA DIGGN JAWBN 0S9 at 6000ft. They ended up clearing me to Port Townsend Airport via Radar Vectors at 4000ft.

What I filed...

The approach plate...

I recently purchased an iPad Mini that I can mount where my iPhone usually is. This is way more usable with the IFR sectional chart and the approach plates. (It looks a little bigger than it actually is.) I've been using my regular iPad to date but it's too big to really mount anywhere.

Here is a screen shot of the iPad Mini during flight. (I like the Raptor symbol for the airplane.)

Outbound in the procedure turn

This approach and procedure turn takes you quite a ways West of the Airport. (past Sequim in fact)

Turning inbound you can see how far away it really is from Port Townsend Airport.

On the final approach

When I got relatively close to the airport I broke off the approach and started my circle to land.

A closeup of the procedure turn.

Fun stuff but the clouds are still eluding me on the days I'm available to fly.