Flew to Shelton to see the American Eagle run.

I didn't know anything about it until today but it worked out great. Lane and I hopped in the RV and flew over there. Unfortunately when we got there they had already ran it but it was still cool to check out.

You can barely see all the people at the end of the taxiway.

There it is!

They were doing a film shoot. Appearantly this gal currently holds the motorcycle record and in July she is going for the Women's land speed record in this!! Holy cow she's got a lot of balls!

She's good looking too!

Just as Lane and I were getting ready to head out, they fired it up again.

Yeeehaaaw! Actually it was more like "Holy Shit"!!!! Standing this close to a 42,500hp jet engine with full afterburner was something Lane and I will never forget. That amount of power is mind boggling! Oh and loud too!

The grass didn't enjoy it as much as we did. :)