Flew IFR in VMC to Tacoma Narrows then to Paine field in Everett. The wind was pretty strong out of the north so I shot the ILS approaches Southbound at both airports followed by cirlcling to land to the North. Took my friend Jayson along.

Coming up on down town Tacoma.

The famous Stadium High School Bowl. The castle school is just to the right of the bowl and is in the process of being completely remodeled.

Turning final to land at Tacoma Narrows runway 35 after the circle to land.

On final approach runway 16R at Paine before the circle to land.

On short final for runway 34L after the circle to land. Notice the corporate jet holding short of the runway for the landing traffic. (Me!)

Paine Field from the east after the touch and go.

Back at Crest Airpark, Jayson just filled up the tanks.

The actual trail from my GPS. The entire route was vectors assigned from ATC. You can clearly see when they assigned me new headings. I'm pretty sure they sent me out towards Bremerton (KPWT) just to get rid of me for awhile so they could concentrate on landing and departing traffic. It's alway interesting to see where they send you.