Flew Darin to Superior Montana.

Darin is buying his Dad's truck and asked if I'd mind flying him over. No problem! I really like flying to new places.

I filed IFR at 9000ft. Today was a really nice day for flying but unfortunately we had a 20 to 25 knot headwind the entire way.

Grant County International Airport just North of Moses Lake.

I'm not sure if Darin was just excited to be heading to his home town, but he wouldn't stop singing Home on the Range.
Just kidding. :)

I-90 heading East through the Rockies

Mineral County Airport (9S4) is just a couple miles East of Superior.

With the wind out of the East today we just did a straight in approach to runway 12.

We burned 18.5 gallons on the way over Darin offered to fill it up for my return trip. Thanks man!

Before I headed out we went to Durango's for lunch with Darin's dad.

Arriving back at the airport.

The winds were still out of the East so I climbed straight out until I was above the terrain before turning West.

Turning around to West you can see where I took off from.

I was planning on flying home at 8,500 but it was quite bumpy so I went up to 10,500.

The Mullan Pass VOR.

Silver Mountain Resort

Lake Coeur d'Alene

Nice 27kt tail wind. Gotta love it! The trip over was roughly 2.5 hours and I flew home in just 2.

As I started decending down over Stampede pass I tuned in Thun Field to hear what was going on. (Which runway are they using, etc.) I heard a Cessna 170 make a call that he was orbiting the field waiting for the runway to reopen. Oh great, I hope it's open by the time I get there.

Lake Tapps is starting to get busy.

Fortunately the airport was open by the time I arrived. Apparently a Piper Arrow had landed gear up and was blocking the runway for a couple of hours. Yikes.

What a fun trip today!