Flew to Crater Lake and Sun River with Austin.

The forecast for today and tomorrow said it was going to be 82 degrees. I just can't see going to work on a rare day like this so I took a vacation day.

Spectacular already! I took off about 8am and headed down to Pearson Airport to pick up Austin. Pearson is just across the river from Portland International.

Woodland Airport next to I-5

Pearson is a pretty interesting airport. Since it is so close to Portland International (PDX) they made it Class D. Most if not all other Class D Airports have a control tower but Pearson doesn't. Instead you end up calling PDX tower to get a clearance to takeoff and land. This is because Pearson is so close and the approaches to PDX runway 10L and 10R are pretty close to Pearson. In fact if you are on final for runway 10L at PDX, you will actually fly directly over the threshold of runway 8 at Pearson. In this picture you can see Pearson Airport below and a jet on final for 10R at PDX.

When I turned base, this jet was on final for 10L.

The top line is pointing to PDX runway 10L and the bottom line is runway 8 at Pearson. Anyway it's kind of fun.

On the way South we flew just West of Portland


Crater Lake. The pictures really don't do it justice, it is huge!! Approx 5 by 6 miles.

I didn't know there was a lodge there.

After Crater Lake we flew to Sun River for lunch.

They have free bikes at the airport for people to use

and nice trails everywhere.

We rode to the village and had lunch at El Caporal.

We flew up the east side and then crossed just before Mt Hood.

400 hours already, I can't believe it!