Flew to Friday Harbor with Darin and Amy.

Darin had to pick up Amy on the way so I decided to fly up IFR. As usual I took some time and planned a nice route up the West side. I had filed the flight plan before I left work and received a confirmation. About 20min before takeoff I received a "Filed Route Expected" notification on my phone. Sweet! When I called for my clearance before takeoff, same thing, "Cleared As Filed".

After I took off and called Seattle Departure, they said V165 at 6000ft wasn't going to work out for either of us today and he amended my clearance to "Cleared to Friday Harbor via radar vectors". Funny. I realize that the clearance on the ground has to assume that you may never talk to them again, (radio failure) but it never seems to be the route you actually fly. At least in my minimal experience...

Here is the approach plate for Friday Harbor. Pretty standard stuff but this procedure turn is almost smack dab in the middle of the 25 mile water crossing. Not a great spot to be if the engine quit or something, but let's not talk about that. :)

Darin and Amy showed up right after I did. Great timing!

We walked into town and had a nice dinner with this view.

We both flew home VFR on the West side of Puget Sound.

Fun flight tonight and the weather was perfect. Glad we got up today because the weekend weather is supposed to be shit again.