Flew to Mulino with Darin and Harry

With the crummy weather lately I decided to go ahead and do my annual condition inspection a little earlier than normal. I've been slowly moving it up every year and I think April is a pretty good month for it. I have been working on it for the past two weeks and this year it took me about 24 man hours. As usual I didn't find anything too exciting. (that is good) I replaced my rotors and installed new brake pads. My biannual IFR Transponder/Pitot/Static check was also due so I had Spencer Aircraft do that. This morning the last thing I had to do was check the Magneto timing. Harry swung by and gave me a hand, then Darin came over too. I guess the only question now is.... where are we flying to today? We decided to fly to one of our favorite mexican restaurants in Mulino Oregon.

Quite a few clouds around but it got better and better as we flew South.

During our landing, we heard the jump plane say that they would be jumping in 10 minutes, so we hung out a bit and watched them.

On the way home we flew over the clouds.

Since we can't have Piña Coladas when we fly, Harry mixed us up some good ones after!

"Happy Easter" says Harry.