Today I did my Biannual flight review. We started out by flying IFR under the hood to Tacoma Narrows for a couple of approaches. Nothing too exciting except my instructor asked for a power on stall on the climb to 3000ft (under the hood) and he failed my heading indicator in the holding pattern before the second approach. After the second approach we canceled our IFR clearance with the tower and headed back to Crest VFR. On the way back we did some more stalls, slowflight, and a couple of steep turns. Back at Crest we did a couple of landings and called it a day. Once inside at Crest we spent some time on the oral portion of the flight review and that was it. Now I'm good for 2 more years!

Our plane today

This Cessna 414 landed just before we did so the pilot let us check it out. It's a 1977 but just got brand new paint and leather interior. Very nice!