The NW Model Expo that always has been at the Puyallup Fairgrounds got moved this year to Evergreen Fair in Monroe. I told my friend Scott from work that we could fly up there if the weather was good enough. I checked the weather this morning and the weather was good enough barely. At Crest it was blue sky but to the north the ceiling was around 2200ft. We ended up going over the small mountains by highway 18 and pretty much flew up the Carnation valley. The Snoqualmie river flooded yesterday so that was pretty neat to see. The wind at Monroe was about 4 knots from the east so we landed on runway 7. The runway is only 2100 ft but plenty of room for landing.

The airport facility directory for First Air (W16), the airport we were landing at, said that tie downs spots were availabe, but you have to bring your own tiedowns. We had to dig a little to expose the cable that we tied down to as it was a little overgrown. Once the plane was secure, we walked across the street to the fairgrounds.

When we were getting ready to leave this Piper Cub took off and fought the cross wind a little.

Some pictures of the flooding in the valley.

I feel bad for this farmer. Most of his field of daffodils is flooded.

Kind of hard to see but this is a private strip in Fall City.