The weather has been pretty crummy lately but this afternoon didn't turn out to be too bad. I flew up around Seattle and came back on the east side over Issaquah, Kent, and Sumner. Up North was really nice, but I flew through a tad bit of snow in Kent, then rain the rest of the way back to Tacoma Narrows.

I always enjoy the jet traffic at Tacoma Narrows. This Citation took off while I was doing my runup.

After he took off, I got the call from tower..."Cessna niner four six five niner, clear for takeoff runway 17, North East departure approved, caution wake turbulance from the departing corporate jet."

Got to see some big traffic today. This C-17 was turning towards McChord.

As I got North of Seattle and was getting ready to turn East near West Point, I saw this guy on final to Boeing Field. I think it is the Next Generation 737-900ER. Pretty awesome to see it go flying by the opposite way.

This guy just took off from Lake Sammamish.

Which house did you say was your's??????

My boss just bought this house.