Flying has been a little slow so far this year. My last flight was for my Biannual Flight Review so no pictures. I've been itching to go somewhere fun so today Jayson and I took the day off and flew to Friday Harbor.

Appearantly we were not the only guys who took the day off

As we started crossing above the Whidbey Naval airspace, we heard 2 FA-18's call inbound for landing.

Not too bad of pics considering we were at 4500ft.

On final for 34 at Friday Harbor

After securing the plane we walked into town

and decided on mexican food

Back at the airport one of those jalopy homebuilt RV airplanes parked right next to us. I mean the guy probably built this thing in his garage. :)

Pretty sweet though! I've never seen this one and not sure why it's labeled an RV-7XL. Maybe he's got extended tanks on it or something.

Back at TIW