Darin's First Flight

Harry and I both took the day off of work today to help Darin with his first flight. Just yesterday Darin received his Airworthiness Certificate for his RV-9A. We all met this morning for breakfast at The Pancake House before heading over to Darin's hangar to finish prepping his airplane. Once ready we headed to the fuel pumps so Darin could top off and calibrate his left fuel tank. (He had already done the right.)

Before the first flight we took a little break and went into The Hangar Inn for a soda. It was good to relax a bit and talk about our flight plan. Now we are ready to go and are both doing our runup.

I took off first and started my climb to 3000ft. Below you can barely see Darin starting his takeoff roll just beyond the runway 34 numbers.

The RV Grin!

After pulling the cowl to check for leaks and to make some other adjustments we headed back out. This time we circled the airport for about 45 minutes, again at 3000ft.

What a spectacular day for a first flight! (and second)

We didn't go far but here here are both flights combined. The first one was just over 30 minutes and the second was about 45.

What's this? This is the PBY that has been sitting at Arlington for years. Now it's at Pierce County and Harry's hangar neighbor is doing some work and cleaning it up for an upcoming movie. Cool!

It's huge!