Lots of Flying Today.

The weather was supposed to be great today but it really didn't end up that way. I had plans for a long flight but it ended up being 2 shorter flights instead.

First I flew up to Everett to see Chad. There were quite a few clouds around but it was still VFR.

Further North it looked a lot better...

until I was approaching Paine Field. A snow shower was coming in from the North and just about over the airport. It ended up being an easy landing on 34L and Chad and I went to breakfast to let it all pass.

After breakfast it was beautiful so we decided to fly up past Arlington.

We did a scenic over the water flight on the way back to Paine.

Landing back at Pierce County there were a ton of planes. This weekend is the annual Northwest Aviation Conference at the Puyallup fair and a lot of pilots fly in for it.

I remember seeing this plane at the Republic Flyin last Summer.

After lunch with Darin at the airport we took off and met up in the air with Martin.

Neither Darin or Martin had been to Tillamook Oregon so we headed there.

Darin took this picture of me standing in front of the museum building.

Actually I was surprised the Musuem was still in operation. I had heard that it all moved to Madras Oregon but I guess that was just the "Ericson Aircraft Collection" part of it. There are still several airplanes here including this F-14.

We got sprinkled on a little crossing the foot hills south of yelm but other than that no rain.