Flew to Prosser

It seems like it's been awhile since I've been on a longer flight. Today looked pretty nice on both sides of the mountains so I decided to head East. My plan was to fly to some airport in Eastern Washington then head back through the Columbia Gorge. I had checked and the Dalles was showing pretty calm winds.

There were some clouds that hadn't burned off over the Cascades but I was well above them at 9500 ft.

At 9500ft it was only 16 degrees and it didn't take long before my engine really cooled off. Since I recently un-taped most of my oil cooler I decided to decend down where it was a little warmer.


Desert Air

On right downwind for runway 26 at Prosser. (My first time here)

Just a couple of bulls interested.

Flying SW towards the Dalles I came across this big fire that I flew over on the way home from the Alvord Desert last summer.

The Dalles Airport

A few low clouds around the peaks in the gorge but clear on the West side.