Flew to Newport Oregon with Darin and Martin

Seems like the flying this year has been spread out due to weather and other commitments but I'm really enjoying the longer trips.

Today we took off at 9am and planned to meet Martin in the air somewhere around Olympia. (He was taking off from Tacoma Narrows)

Another high overcast day, sweet!

Hillsboro Airport

Just past McMinnville we followed Hwy 18 out to the coast and turned South over Lincoln City.


Left Base to Final for runway 2 at Newport

We borrowed the crew van and headed into town for some Mexican food.

On the way home we flew up the coast all the way to Westport.

Over Newport

Pacific City



No boats or kites today so we dropped down to about 400ft along Long Beach.



Flew on the South side of Satsop for something different.