Superbowl 2016

Since the superbowl didn't start until 3:30 this afternoon I decided to go flying early.

Pretty nice day today so I just bombed around a little.

Then I got to thinking I should fly some IFR since I haven't done it lately. So I went ahead and landed back at Pierce and filed to Tacoma Narrows.

They gave me radar vectors to the ILS runway 17.

Flying the published missed to the hold.

In the holding pattern at SCENN at 4000ft.

After holding I was going to shoot one more approach to runway 17. When I requested that from ATC they said that Tacoma Tower had just notified them that they had switched the active runway to 35 and were no longer accepting approaches to 17. I said ok how about vectors back to Thun Field? They said no problem.

After shooting the GPS RWY 35 at Thun, I drove home and picked up the family and brought them back to the airport for Harry's superbowl party.

Half time BBQing and enjoying the great view of the mountain.

Chad and Bekah's RV-7

We really had a great time.