Well they finally fixed the AST-300 Simulator at Pavco so today I got to try it out. For IFR currency you have to fly 6 approaches every 6 months along with a few other things. You can either log these approaches in actual IMC, wear a hood and have a safety pilot in VFR conditions, or fly an FAA approved simulator under the supervision of a certified instrument instructor. This was the first time I had ever flown a "real" simulator. I took off from Tacoma Narrows south bound and flew the Narrows 1 departure. The CFI then vectored me around for the ILS 17 approach. We did one more approach at Tacoma Narrows and then flew down and shot the VOR-B approach at Olympia. Then finally flew back to Tacoma Narrows and shot the NDB 35 approach. 1.3 hours total and it ended up being like 88 bucks. No flying is cheap, not even the sim, but it was some great practice and I logged all 4 approaches. Oh one other thing, this simulator is a twin engine with constant speed props and a retractable landing gear. Still flys like any airplane I've flown except there's two of everything. Things happend a little faster because of the increased speed, but it wasn't too bad.