Today I helped Darin move his airplane to the airport. He is building a very nice RV-9A.

Darin lives in Snoqualmie so we met up at his house at 10am. Randy brought up a car trailer.

Car trailers aren't wide enough for the main landing gears but Randy had framed up some stuff so it would work. I think he said this is the 3rd airplane he'd moved. Not the prettiest thing in the world but it worked great! With lot's of tiedowns it was nice and secure.

Down at Pierce County Airport getting ready to unload it.

Joe Andre happended to swing by and we actally got both wings on too.

After the move my Mom came up to the airport and we went for a flight down to almost Kelso. On the way back we stopped at Centralia for fuel. So did everybody else!

The line actually moved relatively fast. I'm guessing it took about 1/2 hour.

It really was a great afternoon for flying and Mom said she had a great time. (This was her first time up in the RV.)