Took Lauren flying today. We were hoping to get to Friday Harbor but knew the islands may not burn off in time. Well we were going to find out.

Showed Lauren Snoqualmie Falls on the way North.

As we approached the Skagit Valley you could see that the islands were still pretty socked in. Listening to the Friday Harbor ASOS they were still calling 1/4 visibility in mist and overcast at 200...

so we decided to stop at Skagit / Bayview airport for lunch.

At the Kitty Hawk Cafe

After lunch we checked and Friday Harbor still hadn't burned off. We decided to fly over the islands anyway and then back down the West side.

Cypress Island had barely burned off

This is how close Friday Harbor came to burning off.

Diamond Point

While flying down Hood Canal we popped over to Lake Cushman.

Near the elbow in Hood Canal

A great day with my favorite girl!