I started work at 6am this moring so I could get off a little early to do some flying. The weather has really been crummy for awhile and today it was supposed to be nice.

It was! First I flew down to Chehalis to get some fuel.

Wow it's getting cheap! I sure hope it stays that way at least through the Summer.

On the way back I called Seattle Approach and requested a "VFR Practice Approach" into Thun Field.

Back at Thun I met Darin and we took off again at 5:30P and went and did some more night simulated instrument flying. We ended up shooting 2 GPS 17 approaches at Tacoma Narrows and 1 GPS 34 at Thun Field. Fun stuff but no pictures.

In other news... for Christmas I bought myself a new autopilot and servos! The Autopilot is a combation of both items shown here, the Gemini PFD and the Vizion Autopilot. (Made into one unit) Althought it hasn't been released yet, it should be in February. It will be mounted where my Turn Coordinator is between my analog Airspeed and Altimeter. In the previous picture above you can see my Dynon AP74 Autopilot controller is now missing. (Bottom right of picture) I sold it since it is no longer needed. I also added a little blue "AP Level" switch that works with the new system. If for any reason you get screwed up attitude wise, you can just push this button and the autopilot will turn on, level the wings, and hold the current altitude and heading. (kind of an emergency button of sorts)

They did ship the servos right away so I have been working getting those installed along with the additonal wiring required.

Here is the pitch servo that is mounted just behind the baggage area.

And this is the roll servo mounted in the right wing.

Anyways it should be cool and I'm really looking forward to getting it installed.