Flew to Mulino with Darin and Chad

In the Winter days like this are few and far between but so fun when they come along.

Just to the North of the airport the weather was low and seemed to be creeping in.

Looking fantastic to the South

Chad was coming down from Everett so we just met up on the radio. He asked if we minded stopping at Chehalis for a quick cooling adjustment. Today there was quite a temperature inversion. On the ground it was in the 20's and at about 4500ft it was 50.

It took Chad all of 5 minutes to make his airflow cooling adjustment and I didn't even get out of my airplane.

Soon we are on way South again.

We flew over Portland's airspace. Here is PDX below.

I was surprised to see that there was no snow on the runway at Mulino. There were no NOTAMs for Mulino, but we still wondered what we'd find. (The Portland area got about a foot of snow earlier this week.) Not much here.

After an awesome Mexican lunch we decided to head to Astoria.

Hillsboro Airport

Turning West towards Astoria

Here is the temperature inversion I was talking about. 49 degrees here at about 3000ft. Crazy! at one point I actually turned off my heat for awhile.

All three of us ended up doing a touch and go on runway 8 at Astoria, then headed up the coast.

Long Beach

Just passed Elma Chad split off and headed back to Everett.

Since we transitioned through McChords airpace, I asked Tower if we could do a formation flyby down the runway. "Approved as requested" they said.

Kinda fun. I always wonder what everyone on the ground is thinking when a couple of GA planes do a formation pass on a Military base. I'd like to think at least a couple of the pilot are types saying, "man those RV's are sweet".

With the inversion it sure was hazy by the time we got back to Thun Field.

Great day!