Had to start work at 4pm today so I'd planned on flying during the day. After finishing up my oil change I flew to Paine Field in Everett to pick up my dad who is staying in Shoreline.

Pretty chilly morning

On final for 34R at Paine

I'd planned to pick up my dad at Regal Air

We decided to fly to Ephrata.

I didn't know the Granley's planes were kept here.

Going over Snoqualmie pass at 9500ft

Just past Ellensburg with Quincy off in the distance


Ephrata Airport

Still in the 20's over here. Brrrrr.

We'd planned on using the airport loaner car to drive into town but someone had already take it. No problem as they have a decent stock of food / snacks right here in the pilot's lounge.

A very nice place

They also have a nice museum set up with lots of pictures from the 40's when it was Ephrata Army Air Base. They trained B-17 crews followed by P-38 and P-39 pilots. I had no idea.

Cheap fuel too!

Heading back to Everett.