First Flight of 2017

It was supposed to be pretty windy today but it wasn't too bad around the South Puget Sound this morning. Calm wind at Thun Field in fact. Darin, Martin, and I decided we would all take off around 9am and fly to Bremerton for breakfast. When I got to the airport I was surprised to see that the taxiways and runway were snow covered and frozen pretty hard. (It was still only 25 degrees out) After contemplating it for awhile I decided I'd rather wait it out or just not fly at all today. I didn't want the wind to pick while we were gone and come back to a stiff crosswind with an icy runway. Darin agreed. Martin, who was taking off from Tacoma Narrows, decided to throw in the towl too as the winds over there were picking up and already gusting to 22kts.

Darin and I ended up just eating breakfast at the Hangar Inn and Harry joined us at the end. After breakfast the wind was still calm and Darin deciced to at least make a couple laps in the pattern. All was well so I went ahead and pulled out my bomber too. (Damn peer pressure)

Someone decided to write "Trump" in the field and my kid's school.

We didn't stay up very long as it was pretty bumpy. Fun little flight though and nice to get the airplane out.

Harry stayed in his truck and judged our landings.

Happy New Year!