New Years Day Flight to Skagit / Bayview

Not every year, but when the weather permits we try and fly somewhere for lunch on New Years Day. The weather today was fantastic and both Harry and Robert were in. There is a great restaurant called the Kitty Hawk Cafe located on the field at Skagit Regional Airport. Unfortunately today would be our last lunch there as they are closing up shop for good on Sunday. I really hope another restaurant will take thier place because it seems like a lot of the airport restaurants are dying off slowly.

We took off from Pierce County at 11am and headed North.

Robert brought Nick Hartman along today. It was nice to see him again.

Arlington airport

Left Base for Runway 11 at Skagit

We had a great breakfast / lunch then headed out.

We had planned to fly over Three Fingers on the way home but unfortunatly I had a spark plug begin to foul not long after takeoff. As a precaution I climed up to 5500ft and headed straight home. When I got back to the hangar I went ahead and pulled the plugs on the #3 cylinder and sure enough the bottom plug had been fouled by a lead deposit.